Essential Property Maintenance Scheduling

This is how RGM Constructions 
Translates the term Essential Property  Maintenance Scheduling 

Prevention is The Key

Prevention Is The Key – this is how RGM Constructions translates the term

Essential Property Maintenance Schedules “EPMS” ensuring the longevity of your property investment. 


For more than 20 years RGM Constructions has been trusted as a preferred Building & Construction Specialist in Cairns and Far North Queensland. We assume the key role of deterioration prevention advisory  on behalf of Body Corporate’s, Real Estate Agencies, Hospitality Sector, Government Body Property and Investment, Shopping Malls and the private sector being Private individual Owners. For us, Essential Property Maintenance Scheduling “EPMS” is the most significant and crucial key element to ensure the longevity and fundamental sustainability of your investment. 


We pride ourselves on providing clients with outstanding service combined with the extensive trade knowledge and market experience, our Essential Property Maintenance Scheduling is customised and delivered not only to individual clients needs and budgets but also more importantly to the needs of the property in question to ensure the longevity of the integrity and the overall wellbeing of this investment to sustain its monetary value. 


We create customised maintenance solutions and schedules combined with consulting services to suit any client’s property needs and are geared and committed to prevent the deterioration of our client’s investments; as well as meeting all legislative, operational and sustainability requirements of the properties within a clearly defined service agreement.


EPMS Core Values:


Acknowledging that this Key element is fundamentally the most imperative to the life span and longevity of any given property, structure or investment and its over all sustainable “Value”, Understanding and acknowledging that Maintenance is Paramount and irrefutably unavoidable without severe consequence of deterioration and loss of value and function.


For some this is the single largest investment of their lives, the nest egg of their future, their collateral and central to their collective monetary value as a whole.


The required essential repairs and preventative maintenance performed to avoid unnecessary deterioration of ones property and or investment to sustain “value’ this function also extending to the aesthetic visual state of appearance and an irrefutable well founded key element to prevent consequential deterioration of this investment.



The Importance of creating accurate scheduling of essential maintenance that is customised to individual requirements is irrefutably the vital keystone to preventing consequential deterioration and to avoid unnecessary and avoidable repair costs. Schedules bring crucial timelines into perspective where otherwise inattentive and sporadic behaviour patterns are formed towards essential preventative maintenance requirements. 

Sporadic implementation of essential maintenance is proven to be ineffective and to completely miss the mark and fail to prevent the occurrence of costly works that would otherwise have been completely avoidable with minimal cost involved.


Contact RGM Constructions today for your Property Essential Maintenance Scheduling needs and we can work together to tailor a package that suits your property needs. 

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